Top 33 Quotes and Sayings about "ACT"


"You get an image after you act in a film, but it is not necessary that you last long because of that image."

--- Ajay Devgan


"For me, the act of photography is all about discovery and finding new things."

--- Alec Soth


"I've wanted to act since I was little, but my parents told me I couldn't pursue it until after college. The understanding was that I was lucky enough to be able to go to college and that it's important to being successful in life."

--- Allison Williams


"If you think shy, you act shy."

--- Arfa Karim


"Don't tell me you're my friend. Act like one."

--- Yolanda Foster


"We know we can't stop every act of violence, every act of evil in the world, but maybe we could try to stop one act of evil, one act of violence."

--- Barack Obama


"When you're president, you learn to act like you know what you're talking about. And it's a great skill."

--- William J. Clinton


"People don't need Christians to act like we always have it together. People need us to be real! What kind of healing would come if we all just got real before God and others?"

--- Beth Moore


"We can sit here and talk about all the negativity, which we've done a little bit, but for every act of evil in the world, there are a million acts of kindness. Basically, our nature is to love each other and care about each other, and most of us do that. Most of us have no quarrel with anybody who's living on another side of the planet and who might have a different religious persuasion. It's just these small minorities to the far right and the far left who get all of the news time and print space."

--- Wayne Dyer


"I act like a jerk sometimes."

--- Bill Murray


"Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail."

--- Charles Kettering


"As a woman, we should all stop talking about it and just acknowledge what's happened and act like we own the space, because we do."

--- Chelsea Handler


"A girl doesn't need a guy in her life in order to act like a complete idiot. Certainly I, at least, never have."

--- Susan Jane Gilman


"Faith isn't an act of intelligence, it's an act of imagination."

--- Christopher Moore


"To communicate the truths of history is an act of hope for the future."

--- Daisaku Ikeda


"Acting is contained - you act for three months, then leave it - but writing is the act of creation. Writing is dangerous."

--- Sophie Marceau


"A leader must look and act the part."

--- David McCullough


"Learn to speak what you feel, and act what you speak."

--- Sathya Sai Baba


"Prayer and a holy life are one. They mutually act and react. Neither can survive alone. The absence of the one is the absence of the other."

--- Edward McKendree Bounds


"Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love."

--- Erich Fromm


"Excellence" is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice. We do not act "rightly" because we are "excellent", in fact we achieve "excellence" by acting "rightly"."

--- Plato


"It is wrong to expect a reward for your struggles. The reward is the act of struggle itself, not what you win."

--- Phil Ochs


"An attack on values is inevitably seen as an act of subversion."

--- Garrett Hardin


"One act of violence takes four generations to heal."

--- Gloria Steinem


"For many years, I used to pray as an act of power, but that was before I had 100% faith in myself."

--- Miguel Angel Ruiz


"Nobody "becomes" a character. You can't act unless you are who you are."

--- Marlon Brando


"Writing... is an act of faith: I believe it's also an act of hope, the hope that things can get better than they are."

--- Margaret Atwood


"No man should so act as to make a gain out of the ignorance of another."

--- Marcus Tullius Cicero


"Let us act on what we have, since we have not what we wish."

--- John Henry Newman


"When people try to stop free speech, stop people from talking, it creates pressure in the system that might cause people to act out."

--- John S. Dickerson


"God knows if you could start a new sex act that's more important than making a good movie."

--- John Waters


"To bear and not to own; to act and not lay claim; to do the work and let it go: for just letting it go is what makes it stay."

--- Laozi


"You can be as you choose to be. It's an act of discipline sometimes, but it can be done."

--- Kevin Costner