Definitions, Meanings, Synonyms, Examples and Famous Quotes of activity in English


UK /ækˈtɪv.ə.ti /

US /ækˈtɪv.ə.t̬i /


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Quotes and Sayings about "activity"


"The more we work the more we need to pray. In this day of activity there is great danger, not of doing too much, but of praying too little for so much work."

--- Alexander MacLaren

"The activity of happiness must occupy an entire lifetime; for one swallow does not a summer make."

--- Aristotle

"Zazen practice and everyday activity are one thing. We call zazen everyday life, and everyday life zazen."

--- Shunryu Suzuki

"The activity of the child has always been looked upon as an expression of his vitality."

--- Maria Montessori

"Housework is the only activity at which men are allowed to be consistently inept because they are thought to be so competent at everything else."

--- Letty Cottin Pogrebin