Top 13 Quotes and Sayings about "AEROSPACE"


"The rocket that goes up next March will not only lift a payload, it will launch what I believe will ultimately be the most significant commercial space facility in the country, ... This launch will be a brilliant signal flare that will let the nation and the world know New Mexico's spaceport is open for business. We can now say with certainty that the dream of this spaceport launching a new era in New Mexico's aerospace industry will become reality."

--- Bill Richardson


"We have sectors of the economy, aerospace is a good example, where Britain's probably the second country in the world, the automobile sector, where we've done extraordinarily well, an enormous amount of investment over the last couple of years, life sciences is another."

--- Vince Cable


"We had just played a sold-out show and it had been a fun night when we heard the news. It brought everything back to reality. He was a brilliant guy. He was an aerospace engineer and an entrepreneur. We were just starting to write new songs two weeks after he died. We were still grieving. So that was naturally a big subject matter for the album."

--- Brendan Bayliss


"Look at the aerospace industry as it was just after the Kennedy talk. We were hiring like crazy. We were trying to get people graduated from college. Hey, you got to go to the program. We need you."

--- Burt Rutan


"The U.S. is looking to India as more then just a marketplace for our defense products, but as a technology, aerospace and strategic partner for our future endeavors."

--- Christopher Bond


"We will step up support for the non-commodity export sector, working more closely with potential buyers of Russian goods. We do have something to offer in the IT sphere, the nuclear power industry, aircraft manufacturing, the aerospace industry and a number of other sectors"

--- Dmitry Medvedev


"Several other aerospace and defense firms have announced plans to build facilities in north Mississippi in recent weeks. They join an impressive group of high-tech companies already doing business in our region."

--- Roger Wicker


"In the space business, space had gotten very much to be the aerospace industry. This is something that governments only do and it's where the Boeings and the Lockheed's and the Northrop's and so forth. And there's no way these small companies could do it."

--- Peter Diamandis


"The pilots I worked with in the aerospace industry were willing to put on almost anything to keep them safe in case of a crash, but regular people in cars don't want to be uncomfortable even for a minute."

--- Nils Bohlin


"You can say that this is just what aerospace medicine is all about - to save the lives of the men who climb to the high reaches above the Earth and beyond this planet."

--- Martin Caidin


"The alleviation of human error, whether design or intrinsically human, continues to be the most important problem facing aerospace safety."

--- Jerome F. Lederer


"I don't know why I always liked aerospace engineering. I was in the 10th grade when I figured that's what I wanted to do."

--- Kalpana Chawla


"I was interested in aerospace and flying, and the U.S. is really the best place in the world for flying."

--- Kalpana Chawla