Definitions, Meanings, Synonyms, Examples and Famous Quotes of commandeer in English


UK /ˌkɒm.ə nˈdɪər /

US /ˌkɑː.mənˈdɪr /


commandeer in a sentence | commandeer example sentences

Some visitors commandeered outdoor tables on the balcony.

The local hotel was commandeered for the wounded.

The Government has commandeered all stocks of rum. 

It has now commandeered all stocks of soap. 

Bud's truck had been commandeered by the regiment.

Quotes and Sayings about "commandeer"


"Mounting those red stairs [in Cannes] is something I've done with a very different intention many times. So it's interesting any time you witness those shifts of perspective. The beach scenes were also fun. It felt very strange and very theatrical to kind of commandeer it and have La Mer booming over the speakers."

--- Willem Dafoe

"Have you ever observed somebody go through a religious conversion? The person seems perfectly reasonable to you and has no particular concern for religion. Then a parent, friend or child dies or he gets a serious illness or is involved in a car accident. In just a matter of weeks, he seeks out and finds the answers to all of life's questions and starts studying and spouting all sorts of doctrine. During such a window of vulnerability, religion can commandeer a person's brain."

--- Darrel Ray

"Supposing we knew that up there is some alien civilization and it's sending radio signals our way we should not tell the public where that is. We could say that we've picked up a signal, but we should not tell them where for the simple reason that anybody could commandeer a radio telescope, set themselves up as some self appointed spokesperson of mankind and start beaming all sorts of crazy messages back to the aliens."

--- Paul Davies