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UK /fɜːm /

US /fɝːm /

- See also firm

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Firm friends

Firm texture

Firm ground

A firm expression

A firm belief

Quotes and Sayings about "firming"


"Be patient with the negative people of the world. Take a moment to think how they are helping you clarify your own thinking and firming your own resolve. Then, headslap them out of your way."

--- Deacon Jones

"Given the rest of the economic news, including the fact that GDP growth is positive, inflation is still low, jobless claims are still moving downward and temporary services are firming up, that means the recovery continues, and we hope it will continue in a more robust fashion."

--- Elaine Chao

"The only uncertainty surrounding the decision is the wording of the accompanying statement and, in particular, whether the assessment that 'some further policy firming may be needed to keep the risks ... roughly in balance' will be dropped."

--- Paul Ashworth

"I have been firming up and making changes in my roster for 2001. This needs to be done from now and then, to make sure what you are booking is working, and to keep a balance in your roster that works."

--- Pat Garrett