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intending surgeons.


An intending client.


The course is intended for intermediate-level students.


It was intended as a compliment, honestly!.


I spent much more than I intended to.


Somehow I offended him, which wasn't what I'd intended.


She was a facetious person, intending to be amusing.


How do you intend to deal with this problem?.


I've heard that she intends to leave the company.


He then settled at Amsterdam, intending to practise medicine.


No longer was denial an option for decent intending people.


Pierre took an open cab intending to drive straight home.


[ + to infinitive ] We intend to go to Australia next year.


Intending participants at the workshop first submit abstracts of their papers.


How many bombers out there are not intending to commit homicide?.


I made a promise to you and I intend to keep it.


The president has announced she does not intend to stand for re-election.


In 1823 he set out for West Africa, intending to penetrate to Timbuktu.


He made some notes on two points, intending to mention them to Bagration.


[ + obj + to infinitive ] I don't think she intended me to hear the remark.


Without intending to do so, her gaze fell to his hand on her knee.


Denton enrolled in Queensborough College in the mid-80s intending to become a nurse.


Students intending to spend a year in Europe will be expected to select language electives.


It can only be of profit then to learn how Boston dealt with intending communicants.


In other words, without intending, you may actually be bringing your husband and his girlfriend together.


At Berlin Henning served to prepare the intending disciple for fuller initiation by the master himself.


His owner followed him, intending to shoo the dog back out and close the door properly.


16, he speaks of " the sacraments of our religion," intending, it would appear, the love-feast and Eucharist.


At about 11.30 am he looked in at Louis Meier's shop, intending to buy a billiard cue.


Intending at first to write very short prefaces, he had stipulated for only two hundred guineas.


Ike only entered the long jump as a second event intending to concentrate on the triple jump.


Intending to sacrifice the cow, he sent some of his companions to a neighbouring spring for water.


A court enclosed the whole; near the porch was a laver for the ablutions of intending worshippers.


Many studio owners respect continuing education, and understand if you are intending to try this or that.


Women intending to become pregnant or in the first three months of pregnancy should take 400 micrograms daily.


A 600 hour course that provides initial training for anyone working, or intending to work in ornamental horticulture.


These sophisticated online tools offer great value to intending purchasers seeking to choose an appropriate shortlist of suppliers.


The moral significance of the intending-foreseeing distinction requires more than the mere functional role of intention and foresight.


Intending death as a means and foreseeing it as a consequence have a number of features in common.


Britten had in fact always been intending to write a harp concerto, so had been studying the instrument.


In the summer of 1854 Missouri " squatters " began to post claims to border lands and warn away intending anti-slavery settlers.


The adjutant looked angrily at him, evidently also intending to shout at him, but on recognizing him he nodded.


This book concerns thinking sensibly about the earth, not intending to provide an overview of how the earth works.


I walked home along the seafront to Hove afterward, hunger sated, mind relaxed, intending to return before too long.


The Doctor is intending to take her back to her own planet where a rather grisly end awaits her.


Intending to have some child or other is not incompatible with happening upon the child produced as a result.


As a result, a friend wrote to me of 'a blight tomorrow' when she was clearly intending to be optimistic.


Four days later they landed near Cotrone, intending to go to Cosenza, liberate the political prisoners and issue their proclamations.


He had waited for the signs his father warned him against, intending to take on whatever woman that brought him.


French started from Ramdam (near Graspan) eastward on that day, intending to make a wide sweep round Cronje's immobile army.


At the ver y least, they have a general intention, intending to set precedent for something-or-other in reaching their decisions.


This is met by taking the Bar Vocational Course for intending barristers, or the Legal Practice Course for intending solicitors.


No doubt he'll do his best to let Animals the land over know what he's intending, too.


" The people," he says, " who came here with Riebeek himself were not colonists intending permanently to settle at the Cape.


Financial considerations were those most frequently offered by the 143 couples intending to restrict their families below their notion of the ideal.


Darian started towards the palace, intending to take her to bed with him once more before he started his official duties.


He withdrew a dagger he.d purposely buried there, never intending to follow in the footsteps of Andre.s enforcer role.


At the same time, perhaps without intending to, the author also invites further integrated research into the various aspects of nationalism.


Anyone intending to set up or take over a publication is strongly advised to consult the proctors at an early stage.


Xavier left India on the 25th of April 1552 for Malacca, intending there to meet Pereira and to re-embark on the "Santa Cruz.".


Accordingly, in 1427 he accepted an invitation from the republic of Venice, and set sail for Italy, intending to resume his professorial career.


Hamilton had resolved on making the Gallipoli Peninsula his objective, intending to secure high ground which dominated the Narrows from that side.


From crowding into the library to witness the fun, intending spectators had to view or hear the proceedings from outside the door.


There was a novitiate of three years, during which the intending member was tested as to his fitness for entering the society.


He then descended down using the remaining good section intending to fake a fall or otherwise call attention to what supposedly happened.


He then entered his father's law office, without intending, however, it would appear, to devote himself to the study of the law.


Early in 1292 the same pope, himself a Franciscan, summoned Jacobus to Rome, intending to consecrate him archbishop of Genoa with his own hands.


They were suspected of intending to impose their views on parliament by violence, but a display of military force held them in check.


Delinquency was operationalized in terms of the total frequency of various deviant behaviors ranging from truancy at school to violence intending serious injury.


Up to this date, Vere Foster had given assistance to intending emigrants without any stipulation that the money given should be paid back.


In addition, Israel should cease using aircraft intending to cause fear among the population by creating sonic booms over the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


As already noted, if the intending-foreseeing distinction collapses under the weight of these (or other) objections, so do significant portions of commonsense morality.


On the days following this meeting these three men were arrested and charged under DORA with the offense of intending to cause sedition.


This extension is only available to taxpayers intending to file forms 1040, 1040A, 104EZ, 1040NR, 1040NR-EZ, 1040-PR or 1040-SS or a 709 gift tax return.


Intending to practise as a physician, he took his degree in medicine and surgery (1823), but was persuaded by Gmelin to devote himself to chemistry.


Application needs to be made as early as possible in the preceding year of intending study as the demand for places usually outstrips supply.


He suspected his mother of intending to kill him, and once openly accused her of causing broken glass to be mingled with his food.


Marius, having assured them that their lives would be spared, removed them to the Curia Hostilia, intending to proceed against them according to law.


Activity on land markets may thus partly reflect accumulation strategies of households intending to raise their incomes through an increase in their land-labour ratio.


The Americans turned to the east of Ontario, intending to assail Montreal by the St Lawrence in combination with their forces at Lake Champlain.


In September 1888 he started on a fifth expedition, intending 4 to reach Lhasa, but on the 1st of November he died at Karakol on Lake Issyk-kul.


Heinsius (1641-1720) secured his election as one of the pastors of the Walloon church at the Hague, intending to employ him mainly in civil affairs.


An intending swimmer is prevented from entering the sea, because (it is reasonable to suppose) this person does not realize that the tides are dangerous.


The elements of the arson condition, for example, might include a flammable liquid, a lighted match, and a person intending to burn the building down.


In 1876 Mr (afterwards Sir) William McKinnon began the construction of a road from Dar-es-Salaam to Victoria Nyanza, intending to make of Dar-es-Salaam an important seaport.


Finally came colonization proper-that is, the settlement of new countries by Europeans intending to remain there permanently, but still retaining their connexion with the mother country.


Twenty-five days later the northern allies, intending to surprise the smaller Frenth army on its passage over the bridge at Bouvines, themselves sustained a complete defeat.


In spite of growing unpopularity he remained loyal to James, and when the king fled from England Walker left Oxford, doubtless intending to join his master abroad.


(3) German 18th-century rationalism (see Apologetics) held that the Biblical writers made great use of conscious accommodation - intending moral commonplaces when they seemed to be enunciating Christian dogmas.


He went to school at Weinsberg and Heilbronn, and then, intending to study law, he went to Bologna, but soon returned to Heidelberg and betook himself to theology.


The king fell very ill at Alcira, and resigned his crown, intending to retire to the monastery of Poblet, but died at Valencia on the 27th of July 1276.


Putting together a person out of spare parts, intending it to be a work of great beauty, he animates the construction, but is revolted by its ultimate appearance.


Taking some time to select a good artist and insuring that your tattoo is reflecting the image you are intending will make your tattoo a source of pride.


Owing to ill-health he applied for leave to reside at Wickham, and in 1712 he removed to London on the plea of poverty, intending to pursue a literary career.


Toro, uncle of the marquis of Toro in Caracas, and embarked with her for Venezuela, intending, it is said, to devote himself to the improvement of his large estate.


It was insinuated that Nehemiah had his prophets to proclaim that Judah had again its own king; it was even suggested that he was intending to rebel against Persia!.


In 998 Brian ascended the Shannon with a large force, intending to attack Connaught, and Maelsechlainn, who received no support from the northern Hy Neill, came to terms with him.


From this fire, as the representative of the life of the city, intending colonists took the fire which was to be kindled on the hearth of the new colony.


After a residence of a month at Contrexville, the shah proceeded (July 14) to St Petersburg, and thence to Paris (July 29), intending to go to London on the 8th of August.


Other consignments of intending settlers in " New Australia " followed; but though the settlement is still in existence it has completely failed to realize the impracticable ideals of its original members.

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