Use "JUDICIOUSLY" in a sentence. Top 80 "JUDICIOUSLY" sentence examples


Let's use these intelligence tests judiciously.


judiciously chosen words.


A judiciously worded statement.


A judiciously worded letter.


Judicious use of one's money.


A judicious selection of documents.


There's good reason to proceed judiciously.


His work has been carefully and judiciously edited.


The importance of judiciously selected exemplars cannot be underestimated.


Other problems can be solved by some judicious selection.


Euemerism cannot be judiciously carried so far as this.


This judicious selection shows how important all three were.


This report shows we acted judiciously with taxpayer money.


Find an efficient accounting system that you will implement judiciously.


Moreover, research funding is scarce and must be judiciously distributed.


With more judicious use, you could almost double the battery life.


Patients should use medical services more judiciously, thereby reducing overall costs.


Clearly the editor should have used their red pencil more judiciously.


Passwords and other information should be very judiciously used through proxies.


You can add blocks of highlights with judicious use of fleshy plants.


Good editions of texts are used, relevant studies assembled, conclusions judiciously drawn.


Are the new methods and techniques and new science being judiciously introduced?.


Each approach should be adopted judiciously according to the circumstances of the case.


Makary and Meissner cast doubt on an economical, effective and judicious public-health measure.


The claims of verse composition have since been judiciously defended by the Hon.


Hence lots of Proms repeats, but the judicious choices are all worth hearing again.


Tomatoes will now be fruiting freely; thin out judiciously, avoiding excessive pruning at one time.


All four perused the menu judiciously, with father and mother occasionally offering comments and explanations.


There is a time to talk, but there is also a time to judiciously keep quiet.


He must also acquire the ability to handle bees judiciously and well under all imaginable conditions.


A passing suggestion from Mrs Carlyle that they might live with her mother was judiciously abandoned.


Each comes with its own weakness and strength, and judicious use means knowing how they are compiled.


Through the judicious use of portable medical equipment and electronic data exchange, precious healthcare dollars stretch further.


What about rearranging the banner, with the judicious use of scissors, to form another phrase or saying?.


At all times it should be used judiciously with every attempt made to reduce its total duration.


I make judicious use of taxis; not expensive when compared to the running costs of a car.


But for a community, lifting the maximum number of people from 0 percent to 84 is the more judicious move.


Older people may be more emotionally intelligent, more judicious, and more deliberate in ways that serve them well.


My sense is that they would be helped in this task by the judicious use of video technology.


Escobar handles these symbolic issues judiciously, and wisely refrains from pushing the metaphorical aspects of the plaza too far.


Following this increase, we believe that it is important to ensure that these new powers are being used judiciously.


France, too, was soon paralysed by the wars of religion which Elizabeth judiciously fomented with anything but religious motives.


She is judicious with her use of detail, subtle in her unspoken connections between the past and the present.


Low yields are key, as is selecting the right yeast and the judicious use of oak fermentation and ageing.


He went on to add judiciously that elevation changed Mother Nature's rules about the weather every few hundred feet.


Indeed, a judiciously chosen orchestra afforded a pleasure not to be found on just any day in the concert hall.


The inclusion of a set of judiciously chosen problems should make this treatise a more effective and useful pedagogic tool.


Readers looking for a systematic approach, or even an attempt to prioritize the existing findings more judiciously, are left disappointed.


Patients are to try to "use medical resources judiciously" - although the means and methods to do so are not detailed.


The judicious use of images of sites and objects fires the imagination and provides graphic evidence for obscure ideas and places.


Altruism can increase our fitness when we are judiciously helpful to our relatives, because we share lots of genes with those relatives.


I am going to suggest instead that you spend what little money you have wisely on a judicious amount of investment make-up.


With a little judicious editing, the book could have reached a larger audience than the academic one for which it is destined.


To my gratification he acknowledged that this might be a case where a judiciously selected exception could fortify the general rule against neologisms.


He accepts Fechner's extension of Weber's law of the external stimuli of sense, while judiciously remarking that " the physiological interpretation is entirely hypothetical.".


The barbaric elements were judiciously screened from view as a "mystery"; they were, indeed, here and there explicitly disavowed even by the initiated.


So his dresses define the waist, add drama with a train and have buckets of allure thanks to his judicious use of sheer fabrics.


Lilacs are succeeded by peonies, delphinium, lilies and roses, a progression of bloom and fragrances, supplemented by a judicious selection of perennials and the occasional annual.


Annie Korzen is a judicious dropper of the F-bomb on her TikTok channel, which in less than four months has claimed more than 223,000 followers and 2.2 million likes.


The Sox had been judicious in their deployment of Houck, yanking him after no more than 18 hitters in any of his three starts since the All-Star break.


Some advisers have urged Trump to be more judicious in his choices and avoid wading into races where there is no clear front-runner to preserve his reputation.


The whole building, however, had been extensively and judiciously restored, and is the finest church in Norway and the scene of the coronation of the Norwegian sovereigns.


Kutuzov, without looking at Wolzogen, gave directions for the order to be written out which the former commander-in-chief, to avoid personal responsibility, very judiciously wished to receive.


Officials, and the higher ones were nearly all Greeks, were legion, but the whole system was so judiciously worked that there was little discontent amongst the patient peasantry.


They thrive on the margins of ponds where their roots can penetrate the moist soil, and if judiciously placed in such a position, they have a fine effect.


But the task is so judiciously performed that it would probably be difficult to get a more effective statement of the external evidences of Christianity than Paley has here presented.


He refused to ratify his resignation; and when Clavering attempted to seize on the governor-generalship, he judiciously obtained an opinion from the judges of the supreme court in his favour.


While Prescott did throw four interceptions over that span, the Cowboys can live with that, as Prescott has proven to be judicious with the ball over the course of his career.


Corn is a great carbohydrate source and if used judiciously (no Fido can't have his own bagful) popcorn can be a fun high fiber treat to use as a training incentive.


The money so spent, if judiciously used, insures the undertaking against loss by diminishing the mining risk, and is thus analogous to premiums paid to insure against fire or other sources of loss.


His portion is illustrated by two hundred and ninety-nine coloured plates that, wretched as they are, have been continually reproduced in various text-books - a fact possibly due to their subjects having been judiciously selected.


(9) As any one company hath dispatched any one book in this manner, they shall send it to the rest to be considered of seriously and judiciously, for his majesty is very careful in this point.


All mortal sins, and in particular all public and other disorders, which are contrary to God's law shall in every rank of life be duly and judiciously prohibited and destroyed by those whose office it is.


In other directions, too, the teachings of Maholnet were to be judiciously revised, on the principle that the Prophet himself would never have allowed observance of any of his precepts to put his followers at a permanent disadvantage in competition with infidels.


Nettlefold & Chamberlain employed new methods of attracting customers, and judiciously amalgamated rival firms with their own so as to reduce competition, with the result that in 1874, after twenty-two years of commercial life, Mr Chamberlain was able to retire with an ample fortune.


He used his facilities carefully and judiciously; and the result is a work on the whole accurate and unprejudiced, and quite indispensable to the student either of the history of the early colonies, or of the institutions and customs of the aboriginal American peoples.


His views are presented scientifically in his Evangelisch-protestantische Dogmatik (1826; 6th ed., 1870), the value of which "lies partly in the full and judiciously chosen historical materials prefixed to each dogma, and partly in the skill, caution and tact with which the permanent religious significance of various dogmas is discussed" (Otto Pfleiderer).


In 479 he was re-elected strategus, and invested with special powers as commander of the Athenian contingent at Plataea; he is also said to have judiciously suppressed a conspiracy among some oligarchic malcontents in the army, and to have played a prominent part in arranging for the celebration of the victory.


Kitchener, who was at the time governor of the Red Sea littoral, judiciously arranged a combination of them to overthrow Osman Digna, with the result that his stronghold at Tamai was captured on the 7th of October, 200 of his men killed, and 5o prisoners, 17 guns and a vast store of rifles and ammunition captured.


By judiciously watching all stages of the process, by observing the draught, the strength of the acid produced, the temperature, and especially by frequent analyses of the gases, the yield of acid has been brought up to 98% of the theoretical maximum, with a loss of nitre sometimes as low as two parts to loo of sulphur burned.