Use "PERFUMED" in a sentence. Top 91 "PERFUMED" sentence examples


The perfumed air of June.


perfumed stationery.


perfumed boudoir.


perfumed soap.


A perfumed breeze.


perfumed bath oil.


Expensively perfumed women.


Some perfumed roses.


The perfumed richness of the wine.


The sweetly perfumed, creamy yellow flowers.


She opened the perfumed envelope.


The modern floor polish is also perfumed.


The sweet smell of her favorite perfume, lingering.


Champenois wines can be particularly fragrant and perfumed.


Some colonies are highly perfumed, attractive to day-flying moths.


You turned our perfumed garden into a blackened potato patch.


This process is principally employed for preparing pomades and perfumed oils.


Perfumed or colored toilet paper can leave residue in the area.


Secondly, we are proposing a small change in respect of perfumed spirits.


A honeysuckle vine can turn an ordinary garden into a perfumed paradise.


In the garden phlox was still blooming, smelling like a perfumed soap.


It will be a natural amphitheater with waterfalls perfumed by tropical flowers.


The flesh is very sweet, crisp and juicy with a delicately perfumed quality.


Perfumed bubble bath and soaps can help to create a unique bathing environment.


In ancient Egypt, lavender was used during the mummification process to perfume the corpse.


Use the perfumed body lotion after the gelee to keep skin moisturized all day.


Sprinkle perfumed powder into your shoes to keep your feet dry and smelling good.


What is meant by "perfumed or put up in a form comparable with cosmetics"?.


Avoid all soaps that have perfumes and dyes, and limit all exposure to perfumed lotions.


The wood is close-grained, long-fibred, perfumed and highly resinous, and resists the action of water.


Shopping at local pharmacies is the beauty secret to sourcing local soaps, perfume, and toiletries.


Beautiful Perfumed Body Lotion is a pampering lotion perfumed with the classic and feminine Beautiful fragrance.


A perfumed bath and shower gel and body lotion were later introduced to accompany the signature fragrance.


Just a gentle touch of hummingbird sage or Cleveland sage, for instance, could perfume an entire balcony.


Try to avoid perfumed soaps, bubble baths and vaginal deodorants as they may irritate the bladder lining.


He was wearing a blue swallow-tail coat, shoes and stockings, and was perfumed and his hair pomaded.


Tasting Notes: A perfumed nose with hints of peach and citrus fruits combined with a steely, minerally edge.


Perfumed body lotions are a great way to quench dry skin while leaving behind a hint of scent.


If one is to argue on those lines, one should have a different tax for perfumed household articles.


The site offers many different Estee Lauder perfumed body lotions and shipping is free every day when you spend $100.


If the sauces are very perfumed, such as a truffle sauce, the wine should also be rich in flavors.


In fact, the perfume, Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, was more effective at repelling mosquitoes than the vitamin B patch.


It was more Burgundian in style, that is to say, more subtle and lighter taste, with a perfumed nose.


Perfumed fragrances (such as musks) or aromatherapy scents will not be as universally appealing to large groups of people.


Tasting Note: Wonderfully opulent and perfumed on the nose with dollops of honey allied to blossom and spicy complexity.


Decorated with abundant fresh flowers and perfumed candles, the shop provides a wonderfully ambient setting for a little self-indulgence.


The coordinating Perfumed Milk is a lightweight moisturizer that instantly absorbs into the skin and leaves behind a supple finish.


As the name suggests, aromas of blackberries and baking spice perfume the glass, followed by flavors of cassis and berries.


Perfumed Body Crème comes in a jar form and is a rich and moisturizing lotion, but also absorbs quickly.


She stood too near, perfumed and ram-rod straight, fixing him with a level and unfaltering gaze with those arresting eyes.


It is slightly perfumed, clear and colourless and is available from chemists and the beauty counters of many shops.


Then methought the air grew denser, perfumed from an unseen censer Swung by Seraphim whose footfalls tinkled on the tufted floor.


Local apple, pear and peach brandies, which perfume and lighten cake batters and pie fillings, have become key ingredients for him.


He smelt strongly of perfumed oil and carried with him a number of peacock feathers and a bundle of grubby charms.


On that basis, there should be a higher rate of tax on perfumed floor polish, detergents and that kind of thing.


Their contributions were instrumental in the seamless transition of musk fragrance compounds from manufacturing stations to perfume bottles and back again.


The most reverent of recipes call for whole-belly quahogs and clam liquor, ingredients that perfume the hot-out-of-the-fryer dough with rich, briny steam.


I saw elderly men sitting there looking the picture of health, saw people who were well toileted, well perfumed and well manicured.


Handwriting lengthy sweet love letters on perfumed stationery will certainly send the message of your love, but that is not always necessary.


In the blessed land of my fathers a heaven awaits us; there the air is perfumed, the soil is fragrant with flowers.


Until recently, washing of the treated area and the use of perfumed products that contain metals has not been advocated during treatment.


The verb becomes the material of an unknown language that tries to communicate the sense of something lived, perfumed, something unreal and sensible.


A small Herb garden based on Colonial Williamsburg gives an impression of the medicinal, culinary and perfumed plants used by 18th century herbalists.


We want perfumed ingredients that bring out allergic reactions in people and are recognised by experts as allergenic, to be indicated on labels.


An Alsatian Tokay leans towards a more opulent, honeyed, softly perfumed version that can be dense with minerals, creaminess, and a refined structure.


The main classes of goods subject to revenue duties are beer, wine, spirits (including perfumed spirits), hydrocarbon oil, tobacco, matches and mechanical lighters.


Halston describes them — or Vera Farmiga’s precisely quirky performance as a sense memory expert who helps Halston develop his first signature perfume.


Unfortunately, Estee Lauder has discontinued many of its perfumed body lotions; Spellbound suffered the same fate and is no longer available in retail stores.


Wait. Once you mix your salts with perfumed oil, extra ingredients, or food coloring, spread them out on parchment or wax paper to dry.


Finally, if you have sensitive skin you may not want to use heavily perfumed soaps for some of the aforementioned homemade laundry detergent recipes.


In addition, children who are prone to skin allergies should avoid contact with strong, perfumed soaps; nickel-based jewelry; and irritating fabrics (such as wool).


Though the performance was proceeding, he walked deliberately down the carpeted gangway, his sword and spurs slightly jingling and his handsome perfumed head held high.


I was brought up to treat dogs with respect and never to forget that, whether working dogs or perfumed poodles, they are animals, not children.


Neither finished his beverage; Fred because he was anxious to get going and Dean because he could only take a small dose of the perfumed blend.


Of these Levertin is the more highly coloured and perfumed, with an almost Oriental richness; Kleen has not been surpassed in the velvety softness of his language.


Having immigrated to the U.S. from South Korea at the age of 13, Ko watched as her family built their perfume and makeup business from the ground up.


This set contains a two ounce spray and a generous eight ounce bottle of Perfumed Firming Body Emulsion, an antioxidant-rich moisturizer that revitalizes and softens all at once.


In May, the tiny purple flowers would open; by June, their thick perfume hung in a haze around each bush, the barest breeze sending out intoxicating eddies of rich scent.


The essential oil itself can be recovered from the perfumed oils, prepared either by enfleurage or maceration, by agitating the perfumed fat in a shaking machine with pure concentrated alcohol.


Earlier this week, Rihanna took to Instagram to celebrate her debut Fenty perfume completely selling out within days of its release, marking the occasion by enjoying caviar for breakfast in bed.


The body is then taken to the ground floor where it was born, and, after being washed and perfumed, is dressed in clean white clothes, and laid upon an iron bier.


And if that doesn’t give you a big enough bay leaf hit, the leaves are baked in between each roll, which perfume the rolls even more and lend it a beautiful presentation.


It is common for baby care gift packages to include a small package of diapers and sometimes baby wipes too, although wipes can be difficult to select with the wide range of perfumed and non-perfumed options.


The grateful perfumed powder abir or rand y is composed either of rice, flour, mango bark or deodar wood, camphor and aniseed, or of sandalwood or wood aloes, and zerumbet, zedoary, rose flowers, camphor and civet.


Although delightful and bath-worthy, scented soaps can linger and may interfere with the use of perfume or skin scents, so bare in mind that lathering up with a scented or perfumed soap may have a lasting effect on your skin.


Stashed in my bag is a note from my son; a solid Diptyque perfume, L’Ombre dans l’Eau, to touch behind my ears for a quick olfactory pick-me-up; and, for a bit of sparkle, The Goldie Highlighter by Veronique Gabai.


The finer soaps are perfumed by the cold method; the soap is shaved down to thin slices, and the essential oil kneaded into and mixed with it by special machinery, after which it is formed into cakes by pressure in suitable moulds.


Adelita’s basic corn tortillas, also available in mini street-taco size, are some of the best in the city with a potent aroma of freshly nixtamalized and stone-ground corn that will perfume your kitchen when they get heated on a comal or griddle.


In November 1492 a party sent out by Columbus from the vessels of his first expedition to explore the island of Cuba brought back information that they had seen people who carried a lighted firebrand to kindle fire, and perfumed themselves with certain herbs which they carried along with them.


This succulent berry is in some cases highly perfumed, and affords a delicate fruit for the dessert-table, as in the case of the "granadilla" (P. quadrangularis), P. edulis, P. macrocarpa, and various species of Tacsonia known as "curubas" in Spanish South America; P. laurifolia is the water-lemon, and P. maliformis the sweet calabash of the West Indies.


The contents of the tombs have been nearly destroyed by successive plunderers; enough remained to show that rich jewellery was placed on the mummies, a profusion of vases of hard and valuable stones from the royal table service stood about the body, the store-rooms were filled with great jars of wine, perfumed ointment and other supplies, and tablets of ivory and of ebony were engraved with a record of the yearly annals of the reigns.