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Seaman Bates.


A merchant seaman.


My dad was a merchant seaman.


He's the best seaman on the coast.


My husband was a seaman before he retired.


There followed a short spell as a merchant seaman.


Well, Sega has that too, in the form of Seaman.


A passionate seaman, he owned a schooner, the Fiery Cross.


Seaman lived in your VMU once you saved a session.


But it sounds the ideal position for able seaman Prescott.


This was a particularly pressing preoccupation among invalids and ill seamen.


The peers immediately objected to such tactics and ejected the seamen.


Scurvy used to be the scourge of seamen on long voyages.


His father was a merchant seaman and his mother a cleaner.


Was this middle-sized fellow in a seaman’s cap courting her?.


As a young seaman, other sailors had called him racial slurs.


After a while, Seaman will evolve and want to walk on land.


His father was a merchant seaman and killed during the Great War.


The seamen live at the other end the ship, or forward part.


It was a bright little place where the customers were mostly seamen .


And he seemed to get closer to these seamen because of that.


Apart from the chief engineer, Jones was the only professional seaman on board.


Following the pattern of explorers and seamen he also collected natural history specimens.


Photo left: Ken as a ordinary seaman just about to join the firedrake.


A merchant seaman, Peterssen had been detained at Ellis Island for some time.


She would ' roll in a heavy dew ' a seaman would say.


I suppose I must mention that you must communicate with Seaman with the microphone.


My son learned exactly how Seaman was programmed to learn and it was creepy.


The casualties in this affair were 1 marine killed and 12 wounded, 1 seaman killed and 4 wounded.


He was reassigned as a seaman and put on the crew of the ship.


Marriage to a merchant seaman in 2004 put her on course for work by the coast.


Seaman is imparted with millions of years of knowledge, from baseball to dating to astrology.


As a result of the attack a Norwegian seaman was wounded in the left arm.


Billy Bones, a retired seaman (or worse), comes to live at the Admiral Benbow inn.


His father, a merchant seaman, had boxed in the navy while his mother swam competitively.


The merchants and seamen called for a committee to consider the current state of affairs.


Billy Bones, a retired seaman (or worse ), comes to live at the Admiral Benbow inn.


The inconsistencies are simply blamed on the over-active imagination of seamen, and their tendency to exaggerate.


The repression was a blood bath, its victims the shipyard workers, the seamen and non-commissioned officers.


In March 2020, Mays left BUD/S and reported to the Bonhomme Richard as a deck seaman.


One time, my wife walked in on me and Seaman talking about the future of Europe.


Endless Ocean is a very different game than anything that's come out since Seaman for the Dreamcast.


And crucially all three died, as other seamen had and continued to do so, doing their duty.


Norwegian seamen were slightly higher paid, but there might also have been a shortage in labour supply.


And ultimately your goal is to get Seaman to develop to the best Seaman he can be.


Along the way he rescued a castaway, a Scottish seaman named Alexander Selkirk, who joined his crew.


These heavy, 13-ounce denim jeans were marketed predominately toward cowboys (yes, cowboys), rodeo riders, seaman and loggers.


Such subversive navigation by an inferior was forbidden in the Royal Navy, as the unnamed seaman well knew.


In just two cases were the husbands' professions recorded : one was a seaman and the other was a shoemaker.


Captain Cook Memorial Museum This museum is housed in the building where James Cook lodged as an apprentice seaman.


But at any rate they are an able boat crew and the other seamen of the Pequod accept them.


We may guess that he had access to external income, perhaps from work abroad or employment as a seaman.


Now the stranger was standing on the quayside, watching several straining seamen carry a large, brass-bound chest down the gangplank.


A fine example of the fighting French seaman of his time, Jaureguiberry died at Paris on the 21st of October 1887.


Leading Seaman Goodhew, who was on gangway duty, found a chameleon which he brought down into the mess (living quarters ).


And if you have a child, you will see that Seaman grows up in the same stages as a kid.


Finally, he'll become a Seaman (there's the title!) and you and him have to coexist within and around your Dreamcast.


A sailor is said to be "rated A.B.," or in the navy "rated petty officer," "seaman," "gunner," and so on.


For the definitive seaman, F&S offers exceptional multifunction features encased inside an attractive array of classy materials and embellishments.


It is first mentioned by an English seaman named Raymond, who states that in 1591 seals and penguins were there in large numbers.


I was a Leading Seaman and he was an Acting Petty Officer sent down from Upper Yardman school for being too bolshie.


And from the 1950s onward, three Maori men joined the New Zealand Antarctic Program as a foreman, a seaman and a diesel engineer.


In 1534 a French expedition under Jacques Cartier, a seaman of St Malo, sent out by Francis I., entered the Gulf of St Lawrence.


A gestation of 15 years of continued interest and agonising over the whereabouts of the missing seamen ensured an emotional investment in the expedition.


Both the trade unions and the many seamen in the dockyards tried to resist, but they were poorly armed and were eventually forced to surrender.


Willem Janszon, the father of Hondius's partner, published a collection of charts (1608), to which he gave the title of Het Licht der Zeevaart (the seaman's light).


Jerry Boylan is already facing federal criminal charges and pleaded not guilty last month to 34 counts of seaman’s manslaughter and the criminal investigation remains open.


In 1841 he published The Seaman's Friend, republished in England as The Seaman's Manual, which was long the highest authority on the legal rights and duties of seamen.


Able seaman Mackenzie's courage here gained him a V.C., and able seaman Evans was seriously wounded and taken prisoner in trying to bring in Lt.-Comm.


The efforts made on behalf of the agricultural community by naval officers and seamen were an important extension of rural history, and were considered vital at the time.


All Maoris are natural orators and poets, and a chief was expected to add these accomplishments to his prowess as a warrior or his skill as a seaman.


He determined on adopting the nautical profession and undertook a number of voyages as apprentice, and as ordinary and able seaman, in cargo ships and on board whalers.


Nicholas Durand de Villegagnon, a bold and skilful seaman, having visited Brazil, saw at once the advantages which might accrue Settle- to his country from a settlement there.


On another occasion he is said to have taken a man out of a British ship in retaliation for the impressment of an American seaman by H.M.S.


Between 1534 and 1542 this seaman, a native of St Malo, explored the Strait of Belle Isle and the Gulf of St Lawrence, and visited the Indian village of Hochelaga, now Montreal.


Time didn't freeze for Seaman because the VMU kept the clock running and the tank would get dirty, Seaman would get hungry, etc. He could die right on the VMU.


Another literary seaman of this period was Sidi Ali, celebrated under his poetic pseudonym of Katibi (or Katibi Rumi, to distinguish him from the Persian poet of the same name).


Bill Smith was charged with seaman’s manslaughter in connection with the 2015 death of a crewmate who jumped overboard after the two had been in a fight, according to the paper.


Seaman gets cranky when you don't feed him, moody when you don't talk to him for periods of time, and will give you the full-blown silent treatment if he's mad at you.


Stories involving the Queen Mary include a young girl who died near the pool when sliding down the banister, and a seaman getting crushed to death while attempting to escape from a fire.


Russell also recalled that the Herald received a letter from a seaman who said a shipmate of his was onshore the night of the murder and returned to the ship with bloody clothes.


To supply it with recruits he invented his famous system of classes, by which each seaman, according to the class in which he was placed, gave six months' service every three or four or five years.


Four years later (1520) the Portuguese seaman, Ferdinand Magellan, entered the estuary in his celebrated voyage round the world, undertaken in the service of the king of Spain (Charles I., better known as the emperor Charles V.).


Among other public buildings are the naval hospital, the British seaman's hospital (established in 1867), the civic hospital, admiralty (founded 1785), arsenal, dockyards and foundries, school of marine engineering, the cathedral of St Andrew, and the English church.


When I first played the game, I thought the way he learned words was cool, but when I had a child and saw how he progressed into learning speech, it brought me to the days of Seaman.


The life of Lord Gambier is to be read in Marshall's Royal Naval Biography, in Ralfe's Naval Biography, in Lord Dundonald's Autobiography of a Seaman, in the Minutes of the Courts-Martial and in the general history of the period.


During the sojourn in Botany Bay the crew had to perform the painful duty of burying a comrade - a seaman named Forby Sutherland, who was in all probability the first British subject whose body was committed to Australian soil.


Seaman does take a good time investment, around 30 minutes or so a day for a healthy Seaman, but what you get is a somewhat satisfying game that will either impress you or give you the jeebies or it could do both.


The Toth earl's Autobiography of a Seaman (2 vols., 1860-1861), the main source for his Life (1869, by his son and heir), is written with spirit, but it was composed at the end of his career when his memory was failing, and was chiefly executed by others.


During his long service as a lieutenant he took part in the bombardment of Tripoli, and on a subsequent occasion showed great firmness in resisting the seizure of a seaman as an alleged deserter from the British navy, his ship at the time lying under the guns of Gibraltar.


Though Wagner cannot as yet be confidently credited with a satiric intention in his bathos, the fact remains that all the Rossinian passages are associated with the character of Daland, so as to express his vulgar delight at the prospect of finding a rich son-in-law in the mysterious Dutch seaman.


Among them are the sagas of Thorgils and Haflidi (I118-1121), the feud and peacemaking of two great chiefs, contemporaries of Ari; of Sturla (1150-1183), the founder of the great Sturlung family, down to the settlement of his great lawsuit by Jon Loptsson, who thereupon took his son Snorri the historian to fosterage, - a humorous story but with traces of the decadence about it, and glimpses of the evil days that were to come; of the Onundar-brennusaga (1185-1200), a tale of feud and fire-raising in the north of the island, the hero of which, Gudmund Dyri, goes at last into a cloister; of Hrafn Sveinbiornsson (1190-1213), the noblest Icelander of his day, warrior, leech, seaman, craftsman, poet and chief, whose life at home, travels and pilgrimages abroad (Hrafn was one of the first to visit Becket's shrine), and death at the hands of a foe whom he had twice spared, are recounted by a loving friend in pious memory of his virtues, c. 1220; of Aron Hiorleifsson (1200-1255), a man whose strength, courage and adventures befit rather a henchman of Olaf Tryggvason than one of King Haakon's thanes (the beginning of the feuds that rise round Bishop Gudmund are told here), of the Svinefell-men (1248-1252), a pitiful story of a family feud in the far east of Iceland.