Definitions, Meanings, Synonyms, Examples and Famous Quotes of sough in English


UK /saʊ /

US /saʊ /



sough in a sentence | sough example sentences

The wind soughing in the meadow

The sea soughed on the shore.

The wind soughed through the towering pines nearby.

The sough of wind through the pine trees

The sough was 1100 yd long with 600 yd underground.

Quotes and Sayings about "sough"


"At six o'clock we cleaned our cells, At seven all was still, But the sough and swing of a mighty wing The prison seemed to fill, For the Lord of Death with icy breath Had entered in to kill."

--- Oscar Wilde

"Instead of water we got here a draught of beer, a lumberer's drink, which would acclimate and naturalize a man at once,-which would make him see green, and, if he slept, dream that he heard the wind sough among the pines."

--- Henry David Thoreau