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UK /saʊˈθæmp.tən /

US /saʊˈθæmp.tən /


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He's from Southampton, Hampshire.

I was born in Southampton.

She's studying at Southampton University.

The Titanic set sail from Southampton in 1912.

London & South-Western (1839, incorporating the London & Southampton railway of 1835).

Quotes and Sayings about "southampton"


"I think back, when I saw The Great Gatsby, the film, my grandfather probably helped supply all the alcohol to all these Southampton parties, back then."

--- Robert Davi

"My grandmother told a story that when they used to leave from Southampton to go into the City, because he had apartment buildings in Queens - I was born in Astoria, Queens - they had apartment buildings in Queens and Manhattan, different businesses, and she wanted to pick blueberries on the side of the road and he wouldn't stop, so my grandma used to throw her purse out the window. She never had less than $4,000 cash, back in the 20s, and he would then stop the car and she would pick blueberries. And, he never had a record."

--- Robert Davi

"As a child, I had lived many years in Southampton and sang in the choir of the Dune Church."

--- Rachel Lambert Mellon

"I think Southampton will finish above teams that are well below them."

--- Paul Merson

"I didn't know what I wanted to do when I was a child. I did want to be a cartographer but that was partly because I liked Ordnance Survey maps and when I used to go to my grandparents' house from Southampton Station one went past the headquarters of the Ordnance Survey."

--- Jonathan Meades