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He's from Southampton, Hampshire.


I was born in Southampton.


She's studying at Southampton University.


The Titanic set sail from Southampton in 1912.


London & South-Western (1839, incorporating the London & Southampton railway of 1835).


Southampton has returned two members to parliament since 1295.


Southampton have signed veteran goalkeeper Kevin Miller on a free.


Animals from the Channel Islands may be landed at Southampton.


I met an old schoolfellow on the boat from Southampton.


"SARAH EMILY DAVIES (1830-1921), British educationalist, was born at Southampton April 22 1830.


The Isle of Wight is a short ferry ride from Southampton.


There is more than one meaning of Southampton discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia.


Their winning project was a new spectator stand for Southampton football club !.


We have strong links with Southampton for tertiary referral of complex problems.


Southampton gives name to a suffragan bishopric in the diocese of Winchester.


He has honorary Degrees from Leeds Metropolitan, Birmingham, Middlesex Universities and Southampton Institute.


London exported more wool broadcloth than Exeter, Southampton, Hull and Bristol added together.


A family in the Southampton area had their two working cocker spaniels stolen.


The cities of Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton and London are all approximately equidistant from Oxford.


There is also a regular service between Cape Town, Lobito and Lisbon and Southampton.


Southampton University is organizing a fantastic opportunity for any would be windsurf instructors this June.


Flights will operate from Southampton International, meaning Flybe now serves 10 French destinations from the airport.


I worked as a research assistant in marine geochemistry at Southampton Oceanography Center until April 2000.


Pottery specialist Duncan Smith from Southampton recognized pieces of Iberian courseware and high grade Italian majolica.


Neil A superb princess cut solitaire engagement ring set in 95% platinum for a gentleman in Southampton.


The headquarters of the Royal Southampton and the Royal Southern Yacht Clubs are in the town.


City now face a fourth round trip to Southampton on a date to be arrranged in January.


The Conference will bring top academics, business entrepreneurs and policy makers from around the world to Southampton.


Hampshire will also be running a Hampshire youth cricket festival at the Rose Bowl in Southampton in 2006.


To achieve the speed gain, researchers at the University of Southampton added fluorine to the silicon devices.


But since Holly's mother was born in Southampton, we are only getting back what is rightfully ours.


The evening was rounded off by an exceptional pyrotechnics display from a barge moored in Southampton Water.


Slipways is a list of useful links to favorite websites compiled by librarians from Southampton Reference Library.


Southampton Common, with its fine avenue, north of the town, was formerly part of the manor of Shirley.


Its position at the junction of the Pilgrim's Way and the road from Southampton to London was important.


By the time I was on the high-speed ferry to Southampton, I had a rather distressing vision problem.


In medieval times Southampton owed its importance to the fact that it was the chief port of Winchester.


His wife, Harriet Lewin (1792-1878), was the daughter of Thomas Lewin, a retired Indian civilian, settled in Southampton.


The former Southampton defender should force his way back into Kenny Jackett's side following his one-match suspension last week.


From 1905 until 1914 the Admiralty yacht enchantress was the club's headquarters and in 1920 premises on Hythe Pier, Southampton were acquired.


If you are hired for a UK assignment, one of the greatest perks is your port of departure: Southampton.


They relied mainly on long lobs forward from Bobby Collins, but were constantly stymied by deep lying Southampton defense.


Southampton are a big, rag bag of a team and they slowly nudged their way back into the game.


Dr. Mark S Barber, from the University of Southampton, whose interests include the biochemistry of resistance in fungal pathogens.


That was the title of a special breakfast briefing in Southampton that gave an important insight into employment law.


Motocross Bike sales, spares and servicing from our Off-Road superstore based in Fareham between Portsmouth and Southampton, Hampshire, UK.


In the fourth quarter Ted Baynham found Paul Brady on a thirty seven yard touchdown pass, sealing Southampton's win.


The former Southampton defender should force his way back into Kenny Jackett 's side following his one-match suspension last week.


He is the director of Solent Sky - the excellent aviation museum in Southampton, where the first Spitfires were built.


He is the director of Solent Sky - the excellent aviation museum in Southampton, where the first spitfires were built.


Police in Southampton are handing out free lollipops to late-night revelers in an attempt to reduce violence on the streets.


In the fourth quarter Ted Baynham found Paul Brady on a thirty seven yard touchdown pass, sealing Southampton 's win.


On the way she visits Southampton, where a septuagenarian spinster relative of her late husband lives - Aunt Margaret Albany.


They measure about 300 acres, comprising extensive quays in both the Test and the Itchen Southampton and Environs rivers, with 28 ft.


The 4th earl of Southampton was nearly ruined by a decision that stripped him of his estate near the New Forest.


Waving arms and waggling fingers were the order of the day when Southampton water babies took their swimming lessons in silence.


(1154-5) declares that the men of Southampton shall hold their gild liberties and customs as in the time of Henry I.


To top it all, the legendary spitfire was designed in the heart of the city of Southampton, by R J Mitchell.


Its length, from the eastern shore of Southampton Water to the Needles rocks off the western extremity of Wight, is 15 m.


Foes of the family, such as Warwick and Southampton, saw in his factious conduct the means of ruining both the brothers.


Jamaican international Walter Boyd, linked with a summer move to Southampton, is the club's leading marksman with a meager seven goals.


Despite being consigned to the reserves midweek when Ian Harte was selected at left back against Southampton, Domi is n't downhearted.


Southampton Solent University is highly proactive in providing the best possible access for less able users in most of our premises.


To top it all, the legendary Spitfire was designed in the heart of the city of Southampton, by R J Mitchell.


She was program co-chair for ACM Multimedia '96 and '98 and conference co-chair of ACM Hypertext '97 which was held in Southampton.


Southern goods hitherto had come to Southampton or Sandwich invariably in Venetian carracks, which took back in return English wool and metals.


On the death of Southampton, Ashley was placed on the commission of the treasury, Clifford and William Coventry being his principal colleagues.


The high speed passenger catamaran service to Southampton is centrally located at Fountain Key, where you will also find the Tourist Information Center.


A big showpiece game at the end of the season, it makes a difference from Arsenal v Southampton or Manchester United v Milwall.


Essex was tried along with the young earl of Southampton, and Bacon, as one of her majesty's counsel, was present on the occasion.


There is regular communication by steamer with Cork, with Dublin and Belfast, with Fishguard, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, Plymouth, Southampton, London and other ports.


We went down to the New Forest and visited the shipyard in Southampton where the world's largest wooden sailing ship is being built.


Cowes Cowes is a seaport town on the Isle of Wight, an island due south of the major southern English port of Southampton.


The chief ports for trans-Atlantic traffic are Liverpool and Southampton, and special trains are worked in connexion with the steamers to and from London.


The chief of these are Parry Sound, Midland, Victoria Harbour, Collingwood, Owen Sound, Southampton, Kincardine, Goderich and Sarnia, at the outlet of the lake.


We went down to the New Forest and visited the shipyard in Southampton where the world 's largest wooden sailing ship is being built.


In 1796, however, he became member of parliament for Grampound, retaining his seat until his death at Southampton on the 15th or 16th of July 1800.


This company owns the great docks at Southampton, and maintains passenger services from that port to the Channel Islands, Havre, St Malo and Cherbourg.


Parts of Northampton and Southampton were incorporated as the "district" of Easthampton in 1785; it became a township in 1809, and in 1841 and 1850 annexed parts of Southampton.


Subsequently he held the mastership of the grammar school at Southampton, and in 1582 was professor of divinity and minister of the reformed church at Leiden.


Duck Walk Vineyards - Located in Southampton, New York, this vineyard offers free tours of the estate from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.


The only work of fiction, in all probability, with which he could compare his Pilgrim was his old favourite, the legend of Sir Bevis of Southampton.


Ryde is connected by rail with the other towns in the island, and there is also steamboat communication with Portsmouth, Southampton, Southsea, Portsea and Stoke's Bay.


They sailed from R Southampton for Treport in a yacht, and, as it hap with pened to be raining hard when they embarked, the foreign " i.


The rise of the mineral saltworks of Cheshire led to its decline in the 18th century, and later the renewed importance of Southampton completed its decay.


At the mouth of Southampton Water is a projecting bar resembling but smaller than that of Hurst Castle, and like it bearing a Tudor fortress, Calshot Castle.


Graduating at the university of North Carolina in 1816, he studied law in the famous Litchfield (Connecticut) law school, and in 1819 was admitted to practice in Southampton county, Virginia.


In 1669 he married Rachel (1636-1723), second daughter of the 4th earl of Southampton, and widow of Lord Vaughan, thus becoming connected with Shaftesbury, who had married Southampton's niece.


Southampton and Liverpool are the two greatest English ports for all oceanic passenger traffic; but London has also a large traffic, both to European and to foreign ports.


Lymington was made a port in the reign of Henry I., and its large shipping trade led to frequent disputes with Southampton as to the levying of duties.


The British mails are carried under contract with the colonial government by packets of the Union-Castle Steamship Co., which leave Southampton every Saturday and Cape Town every Wednesday.


The four chief sins of which he was guilty were dancing, ringing the bells of the parish church, playing at tipcat and reading the history of Sir Bevis of Southampton.


Three years in Ely Place were rendered happy by frequent visits to his uncle Ashley's house in Southampton Row, where he fell deeply in love with his cousin Theodora Cowper.


The port between them is the chief on the island, and is the headquarters of the Royal Yacht Squadron (founded in 1812); it is in regular steamship communication with Southampton and Portsmouth.


They sailed from Delftshaven late in July 1620, from Southampton on the 5th of August, from Plymouth on the 6th of September, and late in December 1620 founded the colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts.


Places near London were earliest affected, as Brentford, Greenwich, Deptford; but in July or August 1665 it was already in Southampton, Sunderland, Newcastle, &c. A wider distribution occurred in the next year.


Addresses were presented to him at Southampton, Birmingham and other towns; he was officially entertained by the lord mayor of London; at each place he pleaded the cause of his unhappy country.


Large liners from Liverpool, Southampton, London, Hamburg, Havre and Antwerp call regularly for passengers or cargo at Leixoes or Lisbon, or both ports, on their way to and from South America (especially Brazil).


He was again in Jamaica from 1787 to 1792, when he settled in England as a West India merchant, making in 1795 another futile attempt to enter parliament, on this occasion as the representative of Southampton.


The Warwick trial was most carefully schemed: the procedure, fundamentally dissimilar to that adopted in 1415, follows exactly the forged precedent; but the constitution of the court was plainly derived from the Southampton case.


Famous heroes who are specially connected with England are Alfred the Great, Richard Cceur-de-Lion, King Horn, Havelok the Dane, Guy of Warwick, Sir Bevis of Hampton (or Southampton), Robin Hood and his companions.


Here it remained until the days of Queen Victoria, being preserved from 1696 onwards in the Chapter House, and only removed in special circumstances, as when it was sent to Southampton for photozincographic reproduction.


It is finely situated near the head of Southampton Water, an inlet of the English Channel which forms the estuary of the river Test; on a peninsula bounded east by the river Itchen.


In 1665 the earl of Southampton presented him to St Andrew's, Holborn, two years later he became prebendary of St Paul's, in 1668 chaplain to Charles II., in 1670 canon residentiary, and in 1678 dean of St Paul's.


Meonstoke Perrers, part of the endowment of Winchester College, was certainly bought on the 12th of June 1380 from Sir William Windsor, her husband, whose name seems to be derived from Windsor, near Southampton water.


Southampton and Portsmouth have gained importance through their fine natural harbours, improved by engineering works and fortifications; Bournemouth and Bognor, from their favourable position in the sunniest belt of the country, as health resorts.


On the 23rd of October he landed at Southampton and spent three weeks in England, where he was the object of extraordinary enthusiasm, equalled only by that with which Garibaldi was received ten years later.


In the spring there was a fancy-dress ball at Buckingham Palace, which remained memorable owing to the offence loyal members of the Southampton Corporation remem sorebered Raleigh, and spread their robes on the ground reigns.


Garrick, who called her " the best of women and wives," lived most happily with her in his villa at Hampton, acquired by him in 1754, whither he was glad to escape from his house in Southampton Street.


There are also to be mentioned the Hull and East Riding College, Hymer's College, comprising classical, modern and junior departments, the Trinity House marine school (1716), the Humber industrial school ship "Southampton," and technical and art schools.


The passenger steamers to Great Britain, mainly under the control of the City of Cork Steam Packet Company, serve Fishguard, Glasgow, Liverpool, Plymouth and Southampton, London and other ports, starting from Penrose Quay on the North Channel.


The history of the modern importance of Southampton as a port begins with the creation of a pier and harbour commission in 1803, and the erection of the Royal Victoria Pier (opened by Princess, afterwards Queen, Victoria) in 1831.


His second wife had died during this year; in 1656 he married a third, who survived him, Margaret, daughter of Lord Spencer, niece of the earl of Southampton, and sister of the earl of Sunderland, who died at Newbury.


A few years after this the Brethren of the Temple of Solomon at Jerusalem or Knights of the Temple came into being at the Holy City, and they settled first on the south side of Holborn near Southampton Row.


The first charter was that granted by the prior and convent in 1252, by which Weymouth was made a free borough and port for all merchants, the burgesses holding their burgages by the same customs as those of Portsmouth and Southampton.


The SouthWestern Company owns the local railway stations (Town and Dock and Southampton West, besides suburban stations), but through connexions are made with the north by way of the Great Western and Great Central and the Midland and South-Western Junction railways.


The preference given to the steward's court was largely due to the practice, founded upon the Southampton case, of summoning only a few peers selected by the steward, a practice which made it easy for the king to secure a conviction.


As the village expanded 1 Mayhew was born at Tisbury, Wiltshire, was a merchant in Southampton, emigrated to Massachusetts about 1633, settled at Watertown, Mass., in 3635; was a member of the Massachusetts General Court in 1636-1644, and after 1644 or 1645 lived on Martha's Vineyard.


There is a regular fortnightly steamship service between Marseilles and Port Louis by the Messageries Maritimes, a four-weekly service with Southampton via Cape Town by the Union Castle, and a four-weekly service with Colombo direct by the British India Co.'s boats.


It was not till the 28th that Mr Balfour, speaking at Southampton, was able to announce that the Russian government had expressed regret, and that an international commission would inquire into the facts with a view to the responsible persons being punished.


It is probable that after the Danish invasions of the 1 rth century the modern Southampton (Hantune, Suhampton) gradually superseded the Saxon Hantune as the latter did the Roman settlement, the site being chosen for its stronger position and greater facilities for trade.


He himself never acted as judge in parliament; but in 1415 he was appointed to preside at the judgment of peers delivered in Southampton against Richard, earl of Cambridge, and Lord Scrope of Masham, who had been previously tried by commissioners of oyer and terminer.


He attended every spring the meetings of the militia at Southampton, and rose successively to the rank of major and lieutenant-colonel commandant; but was each year " more disgusted with the inn, the wine, the company, and the tiresome repetition of annual attendance and daily exercise.".


These are, of course, mere infants compared with the Southampton Town Bowling Club, founded in 1299, which still uses the green on which it has played for centuries and possesses the quaint custom of describing its master, or president, as "sir," and are younger even than the Newcastle-onTyne club established in 1657.


At the coronation in April 1661 Cooper had been made a peer, as Baron Ashley of Wimborne St Giles, in express recognition of his services at the Restoration; and on the meeting of the new parliament in May he was appointed chancellor of the exchequer and under-treasurer, aided no doubt by his connexion with Southampton.


Nine of these Puritan Presbyterian churches were established on Long Island between 1640 and 1670 - one at Southampton and one at Southold (originally of the Congregational type) in 1640, one at Hempstead about 1644, one at Jamaica in 1662, and churches at Newtown and Setauket in the next half century; and three Puritan Presbyterian churches were established in Westchester county, New York, between 1677 and 1685.


At the same period a great work was undertaken to meet the want of a proper central communication between north and south, namely, the construction of a broad thoroughfare, called Kingsway in honour of King Edward VII., from High Holborn opposite Southampton Row southward to the Strand, connexion with which is established at two points through a crescent named Aldwych.


The rise of London as a port, the prohibition of the export of wool, the loss of the Winchester market after the suppression of the monastic institutions, and the withdrawal of the court led to the gradual decline of trade from the 16th century onwards until railway facilities and the opening of new dockyards gave Southampton the position it holds to-day.


This son (by name Edward) was educated at Westminster' and Cambridge, but never took a degree, travelled, became member of parliament, first for Petersfield (1734), then for Southampton (1741), joined the party against Sir Robert Walpole, and (as his son confesses, not much to his father's honour) was animated in so doing by " private revenge " against the supposed " oppressor " of his family in the South Sea affair.


Durban (Port Natal) is in regular communication with Europe via Cape Town and via Suez by several lines of steamers, the chief being the boats of the Union-Castle line, which sail from Southampton and follow the west coast route, those of the German East Africa line, which sail from Hamburg and go via the east coast route and those of the Austrian Lloyd from Trieste, also by the east coast route.


Most of the Indians were on eight reservations: the Allegany Reservation (30,469 acres) in Cattaraugus county; the Cattaraugus Reservation (21,680 acres) in Erie, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties; the St Regis Reservation (14,030 acres) in Franklin county; the Tonawanda Reservation (7548 acres) in Erie and Genesee counties; the Onondaga Reservation (7300 acres) in Onondaga county; the Tuscarora Reservation (624 acres) in Niagara county; the Oneida Reservation (400 acres) in Madison county; and the Shinnecock Reservation (400 acres) near Southampton, on Long Island.


It is served by the Baltimore & Ohio, the Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington (the Pennsylvania system), the Baltimore & Annapolis Short Line, the Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic; the Northern Central; the Western Maryland and the Maryland & Pennsylvania railways; and by steamship lines running directly to all the more important ports on the Atlantic coast of the United States, to ports in the West Indies and Brazil, to London, Liverpool, Southampton, Bristol, Leith, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Bremen, Hamburg and other European ports.


To this old track the name of " pilgrims' way " has been given, for along it passed the stream of pilgrims coming through Winchester from the south and west of England and from the continent of Europe by way of Southampton to Canterbury Cathedral to view the place of the martyrdom of Thomas Becket, in the north transept, to the relics in the crypt where he was first buried after his murder, in 1170, and the shrine in the Trinity Chapel which rose above his tomb after the translation of the body in 1220.


It was of about 180 tons burden, and in company with the "Speedwell" sailed from Southampton on the 5th of August 1620, the two having on board 120 Pilgrims. After two trials the "Speedwell" was pronounced unseaworthy, and the "Mayflower" sailed alone from Plymouth, England, on the 6th of September with the zoo (or 102) passengers, some 41 of whom on the lzth of November (o.s.) signed the famous "Mayflower Compact" in Provincetown Harbor, and a small party of whom, including William Bradford, sent to choose a place for settlement, landed at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts, on the 11th of December (21st N.s.), an event which is celebrated, as Forefathers' Day, on the 22nd of December.


By Barbara Villiers, Mrs Palmer, afterwards countess of Castlemaine and duchess of Cleveland, mistress en titre till she was superseded by the duchess of Portsmouth, he had Charles Fitzroy, duke of Southampton and Cleveland, Henry Fitzroy, duke of Grafton, George Fitzroy, duke of Northumberland, Anne, countess of Sussex, Charlotte, countess of Lichfield, and Barbara, a nun; by Louise de Keroualle, duchess of Portsmouth, Charles Lennox, duke of Richmond; by Lucy Walter, James, duke of Monmouth and Buccleuch, and a daughter; by Nell Gwyn, Charles Beauclerk, duke of St Albans, and James Beauclerk; by Catherine Peg, Charles Fitz Charles, earl of Plymouth; by Lady Shannon, Charlotte, countess of Yarmouth; by Mary Davis, Mary Tudor, countess of Derwentwater.